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Does it still make sense to talk about post-Soviet space? With the podcasts Cemento (2019-2021) and Kult (2023), Eleonora Sacco and Angelo Zinna have attempted to deconstruct new and old imaginaries of the worlds beyond the Iron Curtain. Starting from a series of trips to the countries of the former USSR, the authors recount how they approached controversial topics and how their gaze evolved in the face of a world that has undergone profound transformations in just a few years. Discovering places of memory that change meaning, and new geopolitical borders that rise, we will travel the roads of the East trying to understand if the East really exists.

Angelo Zinna
Angelo Zinna is a writer and photographer. He has collaborated with Lonely Planet, BBC, Condé Nast Traveler, New Lines Magazine, Valigia Blu and others. He is also co-host along with Eleonora Sacco of the podcasts Cemento (2019-2021) and Kult (2023).

Eleonora Sacco
Eleonora Sacco writes about travel and curates the blog Since 2019, she has curated and organized trips to the Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, and Southwest Asia. Alongside Angelo Zinna, she co-hosted the podcasts Cemento (2019-2021) and Kult (2023). Additionally, she is the author of Piccolo alfabeto per viaggiatori selvatici, published by Damiani Editore in 2020.

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