When East meets West

WHEN EAST MEETS WEST The When East Meets West co-production forum, organized by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund in collaboration with Alpe Adria Cinema/Trieste Film Festival, is a unique and innovative event in the European festival industry landscape.

Every year the forum brings together in Trieste more than 600 audiovisual professionals (producers, sales agents, international distributors, TV broadcasters, representatives of prestigious international festivals, directors of regional funding and film commissions) from over 40 countries.

Each year, the forum is attended by professionals who for four whole days give life to an event that forges a strong link between the regions and countries involved. Professionals from different countries meet through round tables, master classes and case studies, making WEMW a point of reference for producers who want to set up collaborations to realise their projects.

Leading figures will be in Trieste to present the entire panorama of production and distribution possibilities, as well as the financial resources available. This is a crucial meeting opportunity for the development of audiovisual companies in the New Europe. In addition, WEMW continues its work of research and in-depth examination of specific realities in the East and West, bringing to Trieste, often for the first time, a careful selection of projects from spotlighted countries chosen every two years.

This is it!

This is IT is a work in progress section exclusively dedicated to feature films and hybrid works with strong visual and artistic approach produced or co-produced by producers from Italy or one of the countries spotlighted by WEMW.

The 10 selected titles will be presented both in person and online on FestivalScopePro to an exclusive panel of international sales agents, festival programmers and buyers. An international jury of industry professionals award a cash prize.

This is IT is organized by WEMW and Trieste Film Festival, in partnership with Milano Film Network.

Thanks to the partnership with Milano Film Network (MFN), all projects that apply to ‘L’Atelier MFN’ and ‘This is IT’ are reviewed by both selection committees.

Last stop Trieste

LAST STOP TRIESTE, conceived by Trieste Film Festival and WEMW, is a work in progress category for documentary projects in the rough cut stage, previously developed or presented by one of our partner platforms: Ex-Oriente Film Workshop, BDC Discoveries, Docu Rough Cut Boutique, Baltic Sea Docs, ZagrebDox PRO, When East Meets West.

Selected documentary rough cuts are screened in Trieste in January to an exclusive panel of international sales agents, festival programmers and TV commissioning editors with the aim of enhancing their potential to be selected at top festivals and their chances of distribution, as well as getting valuable feedback.

In addition to the project presentation and the screening of selected scenes from the films, the teams participate in discussion sessions with decision makers present in Trieste. Additionally, one-to-one sessions with professionals interested in the projects are also organised.
Last Stop Trieste prizes are awarded by an international jury.

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