The participation in the European festival network of MIOB (Moving Images Open Borders) together with 6 other European film festivals (Sevilla, Scanorama, Les Arcs, Palić, Cottbus, Linz-Crossing Europe) is one of the most important international collaborations.

Established in 2017, the festival network initiated by Crossing Europe Film Festival acts as a collective of international film festivals with a focus on European film production. The aim is to reinforce collaboration on an artistic, organisational, ethical and technological level in order to establish a long-term, best-practice model for European collaboration.
Among the various proposed activities, the one in which we are most involved is the Lab of cultural, creative and festival journalism, a project dedicated to students and graduates in film or cultural journalism realised with the support of Creative Europe.
The project is promoted in collaboration with Scanorama Film Festival (Vilnius), Sevilla Film Festival and Les Arcs Film Festival and involves the selection of 18 students who have the opportunity to participate in:

4 preparatory online sessions with experts in European cultural journalism (working on: empathetic interviewing, creative criticism, documented article and reportage, digital and audiovisual journalism, press office work, etc.)

Participants are divided into 3 groups of a maximum of 6 people and each group participates in one of the following film festivals:

European Film Forum Scanorama (Lituania)
Festival del Cinema di Les Arcs (Francia)
Trieste Film Festival (Italia)

Travel, board and accommodation expenses are covered by Creative Europe.

The idea for the workshop stems from the conviction that quality cinema, the kind we believe in and promote, should be appreciated through analysis, reflection and discussion. Auteur cinema cannot be understood without the aid and guidelines of film criticism and film journalism, as these have systematically contributed to highlighting and understanding the constant changes in the languages, themes and new trends of film art.

The Trieste Film Festival, in its 35th edition, will host the third edition of the Lab of cultural, creative and festival journalism: the participants, assisted by a tutor, will take part in the screenings and events, producing interviews, articles and videos that will enrich the social media pages and the websites of both TSFF and the MIOB network, of which we are part.

For more information visit the MIOB website: miob.info

Articles produced during the Lab at 35 TSFF (19/27 January 2024)

Edgaras Bolšakovas
film reviewGreen Border
read the article

film review – The Zone of Interest
read the article

Călin Boto
film review It’s a date
read the article

Anna Chiari
film review – Smoke Sauna Sisterhood
read the article

film review – Observing
read the article

Siria Falleroni
film review – Cactusman
read the article

interview – In conversation with Fairy Garden director Gergö Somogyvári
read the article

Katrin Fischer
film review – Blaga’s lessons
read the article

Greta Mecelicaitė
film review – Libertate
read the article

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