For primary schools
A scuola…di cinema! consists of an approach to the audiovisual and cinematographic language, with hints of cinema history and criticism. In particular, the notions of framing, the scale of fields and planes, camera movements and hints on early cinema will be explored, as well as elements linked to narration (characters, construction of the story), film genres and criticism.
The course will be supported by viewings of particularly significant sequences and games in which the notions learned will be put into practice. As part of the course, the class will participate in a morning screening during the 35th Trieste Film Festival.

For secondary schools
A pathway to discover the language of film through classroom lessons and a matinee at the cinema during the Trieste Film Festival. How do you watch a film?
What are the production phases of a film? What exactly does a producer, director or director of photography do? An educational path to delve into the complex and articulated production methods of cinema and discover the professions and professional figures of the film industry.

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audiovisual education projects in the school year 2023-2024

The EU CIAK project, an audiovisual education workshop, is in its fourth year. EU CIAK is part of a wider project, called “Corti al Confine”, realised in partnership with Casa del Cinema and Maremetraggio association.

The activities involving Alpe Adria Cinema were carried out in 3 high schools in Trieste during the school year 2022-23: recipients of the project were the Istituto Tecnico Statale “G. Deledda – M. Fabiani” – Trieste and the Liceo Scientifico “G.Oberdan” – Trieste.

The project, divided into several phases, combined training activities aimed at fostering the ability to critically read the language of cinema, and workshop activities aimed at the production of short films.
Initially, the aim was to convey, through the viewing and analysis of short films, the main elements of film language. The viewing of some short films took place during the 34th Trieste Film Festival. Afterwards, the students participated in workshops aimed at experiencing all the stages of production and the making of a short film: from writing the screenplay to shooting. The audiovisual products that were realised were presented and voted on by the audience in the auditorium.
For us, EU CIAK is a vehicle for the promotion of the festival and film culture; a path for the education and growth of tomorrow’s audience.


The Corti al Confine project was realised thanks to the contribution of CIPS – Cinema and Images for Schools | National Image Education Plan for Schools promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education.

Other training activities (professional courses for employed and unemployed people) are promoted by the Casa del Cinema di Trieste, of which we are part. For further information and to keep updated on upcoming courses visit

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