Home Sweet Home
Annika Mayer
D, 2023, col. & b-w, 68’
German o.v.

Italian Premiere

A family in the 60s on Super8. Stories of a violent husband fifty years later. A film about the invisibility of domestic violence. Home Sweet Homepremiered in competition at DOK Leipzig 2023.


© Majmun Films

Sceneggiatura, montaggio / Screenplay, Editing: Annika Mayer
Fotografia / Photography: Jakob Krese
Musica, suono / Music, Sound: Gaston Ibarroule
Produzione / Produced by: Majmun Films
Distribuzione internazionale / World Sales: Raina Film Festival Distribution

Home Sweet Home is a film about the invisibility of domestic violence. Director Annika Mayer searches for clues, interviews her grandmother Rose about old family Super8 recordings from the 50s and 60s. They show a family in the time of the German ‘Economic Miracle’. It is a social expectation that is captured on film – you record what you want to see. But behind the facade, memories come up. Upon closer examination of the material, the doubts that are awakened in the viewers make the invisible visible. Through Rose’s narration, the image of post-war West German family happiness is dismantled piece by piece. Home Sweet Home premiered in competition at DOK Leipzig 2023.

“It rarely happens that women speak about their experiences with violence. The fact that my grandmother is talking about it today is something that will hopefully encourage others to share their experiences of violence. With her willingness to talk, this film will make a contribution to breaking society’s silence as well.” (A. Mayer)

Annika Mayer

Annika Mayer is a filmmaker, editor and producer living in Berlin. She studied film editing at the Film University Konrad Wolf and holds a PhD in social anthropology. In 2019, she co-founded Majmun Films to develop documentary and short films. Home Sweet Home is her debut film as a director.

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