by Vesna Pajić and Massimo Premuda
in collaboration with Municipality of Koper
18 jan > 1 mar
mon > fri 17.00-19.00
open everyday during the festival
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Curated by Vesna Pajić e Massimo Premuda, in collaboration with Alpe Adria Cinema and the Municipality of Koper

curated by Vesna Pajić and Massimo Premuda, in collaboration with the Municipality of Koper The exhibition of visual artist Samira Kentrić RE-VISIONS can be read as a personal commentary on feminism and a critical reflection on the development of Slovenian society. The exhibition crosses borders in a semantic and physical sense – both in form and lyrical expression. Samira Kentrić’s work could be defined as art that constantly reminds us of the concrete problems of the present while advocating change in the way modern society operates. At the same time, her works warn us not to forget society’s crimes and its indifference towards injustices such as those that have been happening recently, and often in our very backyard.
The exhibition uses an artistic language that is conveyed through digital or pencil drawings and small-scale models. Through the refined visual and symbolic language of the images, the author invites the viewers to engage and internalise the essence of the message.

Samira Kentrić
Samira Kentrić (1976) is a Slovenian visual artist, the author of three graphic novels: Balkanalije Balkanalije (Balkanalia) (Beletrina, 2015) – an autobiographical novel about growing up during the transition of Yugoslavia from socialism to capitalism; Pismo Adni Pismo Adni (A Letter to Adna, Beletrina, 2016) – an engaging story about the fate of refugees on their way to the EU; and Adna Adna – a novel about refugees finding their place in society after the traumas they have suffered (Mladinska knjiga, 2020). She also writes articles and designs book and magazine covers and illustrations, in which she fuses public and political issues with the intimacy of everyday life.

Open everyday during the festival from 5pm to 7pm / free entrance


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