by Marzia Arzon
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Trieste, today as in the past, remains a city on the border, which emanates a distinctive, frosty, Nordic charm, while also exuding a Levantine flavour. You can feel it in the streets, catching the distant aroma of spices used in the city’s cuisine and customs. This apparent contrast blends into the architecture of the buildings and the design of the squares. Furthermore you can feel the character of the Triestiners, both “grumpy” and friendly, like the wind that sometimes blows through the city and enlivens the meeting places of the city. Imposing palaces, dictated by the fashion of the time: neoclassicism. Architects such as Hitzig or Pertsch crafted residences for the city’s bourgeoisie with essential lines on the exterior and opulence within.

The walk’s guiding theme, its narrative essence, will revolve around exploring Trieste through its intriguing contrasts. It will offer a glimpse into a city with a “territory
that is geographically Slovenian, but was once governed by Austro-Hungarian administration, and yet still exudes an unmistakable Italian feel” (as cited by Fabio Cusin).

Meeting point: Casa del Cinema, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3

Ticket 10€ Italian only
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