by Fulvio Rogantin
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by Fulvio Rogantin The tour will introduce you to the life of James Joyce, who lived in Trieste for more than ten years, through a walk through the city: from his statue, crossing Via San Nicolò to old Cavana city, where James Joyce frequented brothels and taverns. On the tour you will be told the story of his journey from Dublin to Trieste in October 1904, his letters, his books and his Triestino dialect. And finally the answer to the question “Was he a friend of Italo Svevo?”

Fulvio Rogantin, from Trieste, lives most of the year in Dublin where, since 2015, he has been a tour guide. A translator of Joyce’s Molly’s Monologue, he developed the “CitiesOfJoyce” project, and plays in the documentary film Cinema Volta by Martin Turk (the screening of which will take place on Sunday 21 January at 11am at the Miela Theatre).

Meeting point: Casa del Cinema, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3

Ticket 10€ Italian only
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  • Sunday 21
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