Beyond the Wolves

Ennio Guerrato
I, 2024, col., 74’
Italian o.v.

World Premiere

Odd rhythms, surprising music and a group of musician friends reveal an unconventional artist and composer: Alfredo Lacosegliaz. Lacosegliaz embraced the music of Eastern Europe well before it became fashionable. Among the interviews are those of Paolo Rumiz, Carlo Muscatello, Fabio Zoratti, Gabriele Centis and Moni Ovadia.

Musician and composer Alfredo Lacosegliaz began his musical journey in the Trieste of the 1970s, negotiating physical and ideological frontlines, and finding a balance between the diverse cultural souls that had coexisted for centuries in the city. He embraced the music of Eastern Europe well before it became fashionable. Interviews with musicians, directors and authors who collaborated with him reveal his nature as a human being and as an artist. This narrative is accompanied by the original music he composed, characterised by odd rhythms, revealing an unconventional figure whose artistic and musical legacy has been left open for those who are curious to explore it and take it further.

“The film’s intention is to create the conditions for Alfredo Lacosegliaz’s musical work to be transformed into a common legacy, so that all his compositions do not end up in a drawer but become a collective property, a living and changing work.” (E. Guerrato)

Soggetto / Script: Ennio Guerrato
Montaggio / Editing: Martina Marafatto
Musica / Music: Alfredo Lacosegliaz
Suono / Sound: Martina Marafatto, Fulvio Zafret, Emanuele Amodeo
Interpreti / Cast: Paolo Rumiz, Carlo Muscatello, Fabio Zoratti, Gabriele Centis, Valter Colle, Moni Ovadia, Franco Fabbri, Maurizio Dehò, Silvia Paggi, Gianpietro Marazza, Maria Colegni, Mario Arcari, Janos Hasur, Vladimir Denissenkov, Franco Brambilla, Davide Casali
Produzione / Produced by: Patchwork_Film, Casa della musica – Scuola di musica 55
In collaborazione con / In collaboration with: Museo Teatrale Carl Schmidl, Comune di Trieste


Ennio Guerrato
Born in 1964 in Grado, Italy, Ennio Guerrato is a director, editor and puppeteer. Since 1989 he has been working as a director, making documentaries for RAI, video clips and institutional films. Together with Barbara Della Polla, he has realised theatrical productions, performances, installations and, in 2015, they were the creative supervisors in the realisation of the ‘Vittorio Podrecca and Maria Signorelli International Centre’ in Cividale del Friuli, an exhibition space on Puppet Theatre. The Trieste FF presented his documentaries Juliet – La casa di Gabriella sta al centro della città in 1997 and Il tramonto di Spartaco in 2009.

Selected filmography
1991 Archeologia industriale doc. 5 episodi / episodes 1992 I luoghi dei poeti doc. 6 episodi / episodes 1996 Juliet – La casa di Gabriella sta al centro della città doc. 2008 Il tramonto di Spartaco doc. 2013 Vittorio Podrecca e il Teatro dei Piccoli doc. 2014 Plank, Radio Big Bang doc. 2018 Galizia – Viaggio sul fronte russo della Grande Guerra doc. 2021 Bice Ricchetti Randegger and Giac


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